Thy Anh Nguyen - Consultant
"Improving the world by optimisation"

The construction of big buildings has always fascinated me. No surprise that I moved to Delft to study Civil Engineering. However, after a short introduction to airport logistics, I decided to exchange the field of bridges, dikes, and dams for a study in econometrics with a specialization in operations research and quantitative logistics in Rotterdam. The endless possibilities within operations research keep on interesting me. I believe every little optimization can be beneficial for this world, therefore I am naturally passionate about problem solving and data science. Nonetheless, my love for hydraulic structures is still present. So, I decided to also finish my master’s degree in Hydraulic Engineering at the TU Delft. In my final thesis project I got to combine the best of both worlds: I applied a Genetic Algorithm (optimization!) to assess the safety of river dikes in the Netherlands. I am looking forward to my time at Districon and develop myself more in the different fields of operations research.


  • Master’s degree in Hydraulic Engineering at TU Delft and a second degree in Operations Research & Quantitative Logistics at Erasmus University
  • Did her Master thesis research within the field of revenue management for a travel agency
  • Likes watching (football, hockey, tennis, formula 1, etc.) and practicing sports (hockey, running, skiing, tennis, etc.)
  • Is passionate about food