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Operations & Manufacturing planning

Your company performs optimally when having a sustainable and resilient manufacturing environment.

An optimal designed production process is the underlying base for a good performance of your company. This requires production steps that are fully coordinated and an ability to be agile to react when unexpected situations occur. One of the most important aspects to achieve this is a good planning process. We are able to help setting up a good plannings process by using the latest data technologies, our mathematical and operations research expertise and the industry knowledge that we have gained over the past decades. In doing so we create a future oriented and sustainable manufacturing environment that will achieve optimal results.

Due to our in-depth industry experiences, we have built broad knowledge of manufacturing environments. We understand what is needed for maximum performance. Our knowledge does not only concern setting up an efficient production process, but it also encompasses the resilience of your production process, which in our opinion is at least as important. It’s our passion and our expertise to find the right balance between efficiency and resilience in your production process. We do this, for example, by looking at the planning & scheduling of your production process, looking for the possibility of improvement of throughput time and also improving sustainability within your process.

Customised user interface

We are able to develop applications with a user interface that is completely tailor made for your production process. For example, create customized apps for optimal scenario planning regarding your production planning or stock building. We create such applications by collaborating closely and combine the knowledge from your organization together with our industry wide experience in manufacturing environments. In developing our applications, we apply the latest developments in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI). And our experience taught us that the best results regarding production planning are achieved by applying a combination of more traditional Operations Research methodologies together with the latest AI developments. This yields tailor made applications that improve the supply chain and manufacturing process in your business.

Which aspects do we consider?

  • Sustainability. Together with you we determine emissions as a result of your production process and optimize in this regard
  • Resilience. How to cope with uncertainties in your production process? Eliminating uncertainty is not possible, however visualizing the risk of uncertainties and minimizing the effect of uncertainties can be of great added value
  • Lean management & Six Sigma. To improve the throughput in your production process, we determine together with you how this can be improved and efficiency can increase

Extension of your manufacturing team

The change of a production process touches upon the core of your organization. They are complex process that involve many employees. Therefore, we work conscientiously and involve as many employees as possible. We always aim to combine our mathematical expertise and our experience in manufacturing environments together with a pragmatic approach. Often, we hear that our clients experience us to be really part of their team. This trust is important because the consequences of our work can affect employees individually. As an example, the rearrangement of a plannings process for one of our clients in the heavy industry achieved huge time savings, causing the employees to be able to put their time and efforts for other important business matters within their organization. A win-win: an optimized production process and reduced work pressure for the staff.

Reference case

Case example.


We are more than happy to put our knowledge and expertise in manufacturing environments into practice in your organization. Do you want to know more about how we can help you to make sure that your operation is as efficient, sustainable and resilient as possible? Please contact Olaf Witsen, he’d be happy to share more with you!

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