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Insight into CO2 emissions within your sector?

Insight into CO2 emissions through Community Benchmarks

In cooperation with Top Sector Logistics, Districon maps out the CO2 emissions for several companies from different industries by means of carbon footprinting.

As part of the national program, so-called 'Community Benchmarks' are being carried out. These Benchmarks aim to calculate the CO2 footprint within different industries, also called Communities, and to make it transparent in a BigMile dashboard (add link). 

By comparing the CO2 emissions of about five companies, a picture of the carbon footprint of a particular sector is created.

Participating in three steps: from data to dashboard

When your company participates in the community benchmark project, first of all an introductory meeting takes place. After that, an analysis of your company's CO2 footprint is made by means of data. These results are then made available in an interactive dashboard. This also shows, anonymously, where you stand in terms of CO2 emissions compared to other companies in your sector.

A large number of companies preceded you

A large number of companies in various industries, ranging from air freight carriers to electro-technical wholesalers, have already done so. For example, a Community Benchmark was recently carried out for five beer brewers in the Netherlands. For the participating companies, it not only showed the CO2 emissions, but it also showed that 3.5% of the trips within the industry could be saved. This has led to a beautiful cooperation in which we continue to look for ways to make the sector more efficient and more sustainable. Click here to read the whole story.

Opportunities for your company to participate

No costs are involved for the participants in Community Benchmarks, the deployment of Districon and the BigMile platform is financed by Top Sector Logistics.

By participating in the Community Benchmarks:

  • the CO2 emissions of your company are made transparent in a dashboard by means of BigMile
  • can be zoomed in on detail level of the own network
  • you will get an idea of the CO2 emissions in your industry which can be compared (anonymously) with other players
  • other insights can be obtained from which initiatives can arise that promote CO2 reduction or efficiency.

We regularly launch new community benchmarks and approach parties to participate. Do you want to make sure we include your organization when we benchmark your sector? Leave your details here and you will be in the front row when we start a benchmark.

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